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Sealing of Decorative Concrete,

can keep concrete looking beautiful for many years. Sealing the overlay concrete, protects from dirt, oil, grease, or chemicals, that can staining the concrete. Sealing stamped concrete, helps with water repellency and protection from freeze-thaw damage. Sealing stenciled concrete, increases resistance to abrasion and UV exposure. Sealing concrete make the concrete surface Dust-proof. Sealing concrete also enhances color, increasing the attractiveness of the concrete.

We serve the Edwardsville, Alton and Metro-East area, specializing in Sealing of Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Concrete Overlay, Concrete Stenciling, and Retaining walls, to beautify your patio, pool deck, driveway, entries, courtyards, and boat docks.

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Stamped Gallery 2
Photos of Stamped Concrete work, we have done.
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Overlay Gallery
Photos of Overlay Concrete work, we have done.
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Stencil Gallery
Photos of Stencil Concrete work, we have done.
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